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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Erik Homemade.com is hosting Scrap Pile Clean-up Mystery Quilt, and I am following it. To begin, we needed to have 120 2.5" squares, half light, half dark, and then sewn into pairs. I was putting this off because I thought it would take forever, but because I was working from scraps, and not large pieces of fabric, the cutting went quickly, and I finished cutting and sewing in a few hours today. I'm keeping the darks in greens and navies, and the lights in pinks, greens, and very light yellows. Fortunately, I have lots of scraps in those colors. In fact, my scrap container is now decreased by about 1/3 or more.

I also caught up with Sylvia's April cross stitch, but I am missing some of the embroidery thread colors needed for May so that's on hold for now. (Sylvia's link is on the left.)

Tomorrow Anina from Twiddletails (link on the left) should give us the next block, and three of my Vogue patterns came in, so I have lots to do to keep me out of trouble this week. God Bless You.

P.S. I apologize. For some reason, the links aren't working when I insert them into my post. I'll have to check with Blogger about it.

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