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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Win and Some Fabric Choices

I won a layer cake of Moda's Collection for a Cure, Heritage, from Darlene of Quilt Daze. She had a four day giveaway to celebrate four years of blogging. I'm happy I learned of her giveaway because I am delighted with her blog. Her quilts are inspiring and awesome, to say the least. And you have to love the Wabbit Daze Gang. They are too cute! I looked up the Heritage fabrics, and they are right up my alley. Thanks, Nibbles and the Gang (and Darlene and Mr. Daze, too.)

I am joining Amy of Amy's Creative Side in her Sample Block quilt along. I picked out my fabrics from my stash, and I'm almost ready to go. I will use either these:

or these:

I would like to use this second set but I need eight fabrics and I only have seven. And I just bought some Christmas fabric so I don't want to run out to buy any. The first set is a good choice, too. I'll still look around to see if anything else will work with the second set.
I've been listening to Ross MacDonald's Lou Archer series. I am amazed at the similes he uses. I stopped in my tracks a few times at the genius of them. MacDonald writes about sex, but never with outright swearing or raunchiness. I much prefer that now.

God Bless.

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