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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Free Motion and A Pillow Resizing

This is my latest exercise from the free motion machine quilting how-to on A Few Scraps.

It may look as if I used the decorative stitches on my sewing machine, but I did this with a darning foot.  Although I did look at my decorative stitches to get ideas.  I have much more practising to do, but I think I do the "L"s pretty well.  

Have you ever done this?  I have a down pillow that was so soft that I never used it because it was like sleeping directly on my mattress.  Before getting rid of it, I decided to try to resize it.
This is the pillow when I began- normal size:

I held the pillow so that the down fell to the bottom.  The pillow is in a zippered cover, and I left that on so feathers wouldn't get everywhere.  The zipper is on the bottom.    Then I measured evenly from the free end to the point for stitching.

I just stitched on my marked line, then cut the excess case off allowing a 3/4 inch seam allowance.  That I folded in twice and sewed to create a closed edge. 

The pillow now measures almost 19 inches square.  I need to find the home decorating fabric I have left over from my slip covers, and then I'll make the cover. It's still a very soft pillow, but now it has more body.

I went to my sister's on Sunday, and she, Katrina, who is nine, and Brenna, who is five, and I did some shopping and then watched Monsters, Inc. and some of Peter Pan.  We had a lot of fun.  Is Monster, Inc. not the funniest movie?   One of the places we shopped in was Trader Joes.  There isn't one near me, so this was my first visit, but I do want to go back. (are your reading this, Ging?) 
On the way home I stopped in at Sears.  I needed a new vacuum, and knew that the Kenmore Progressive was highly rated by Consumer Reports, but the price was high for me.  So, I walked in the store directly to the vacs, and low and behold, what is on the end of the aisle on sale?  The Progressive.  It's a close out sale.  I bought it and am in vacuum cleaner bliss.

I am doing housework this week and got the grass cut today.  But, I do plan to sew.  I want to catch up on my Erik Homemade quilt top.  Next week is the last week.   They are having a Christmas mystery quilt along, and although I said I wouldn't, I am going to join.  I will work with fabric I like and will have a beautiful quilt for Christmas.

A big thank you and welcome to my new followers.  Hope all is well with everyone.  God Bless You.



QuiltSue said...

How wonderful to find a bargain tha you really wanted.

Janet said...

I'm doing the FM quilting too. Yours look very nice. I need to catch up. Good use of the pillow.