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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Updates on my Quilt Alongs

I changed the title of this post today, 9/29/10.  I didn't like what I had chosen, and I have come to like this quilt top.  Call me fickle:)
I hesitate to post the pictures of this quilt top, but since I have already mentioned the qal I was doing with the Erik Homemade website, it's only fair to show the results so far. In my defense, since this was a scrap quilt, I used my scraps. I do not have many designer scraps. If I ever participate in another scrap qal, I will not use scraps. I will choose the fabric as carefully as any other project. I also did not like the way sashing was sewn during the construction of the blocks, instead of after the blocks were done. Sewing them together so that the sashing matched was a problem, and I have lots of seams that don't meet.

The up side is that I like the size, and I like the fact that it's going to be a quilt that I will abuse and use.

Are you ready?

It's different, isn't it? Uh huh. Enough said.

If you visit the Erik Homemade site, you will like the quilt they have made. Their fabric is very pretty, and the sashing they chose is very nice. I haven't seen their finished top, but I bet it's nicer than mine. It should be posted tomorrow on their website (http://www.erikhomemade.typepad.com).

Now for something very cute:

The scarecrow is the September cross stitch pattern that Sylvia designed. Every month she gives us a design that is always charming. This sal I am very happy I joined.

I have been working on the free motion quilting practise that Christina gave to us to do. I'm already feeling more confident with this quilting technique.

I suddenly feel that due to all of the qal's and small projects in quilting that I have been doing I have arrived at a point where I trust my own choices and ability.

I put aside the sampler quilt I made with Amy's Creative Side because I am doing the free motion practise, so I'm hoping that I will use my improved skills to quilt that project. I love that quilt.

Take care and God Bless all of you.


Barb said...

Don't be shocked when I say...I love that quilt! It sounds like you are not happy with it but it is gorgeos....

orchidlover said...

We've all got quilts that we don't like so don't worry.
I wonder if you took off the sashing and played around with the blocks you may come up with a better design. You can always put wide borders on it to bring it to the size you want.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Bev said...

That quilt is lovely. Very graphic and delightfully unexpected! Someone told me once to never talk down about my quilts. It's hard not to compare but truly, this quilt is awesome!

Cheery wave from

(oh, and thanks for mentioning our giveaway)!

QuiltSue said...

Well, I think that is a gorgeous quilt.

Erik HOMEMADE said...

Joanna! Although we are partial to the pattern, we think it is a lovely quilt! Your color choice is very striking! We hope you will share photos with our readers when your quilt is finished!

Jane said...

Great work. You are so talented!!

Joanna said...

Jane, I wanted to thank you for your kind comment. You made me feel great.