"A very Merry Unbirthday to you, to you. A very Merry Unbirthday to you." from Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland"

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter SAL Completed

Not much to say about this except that I love it, I'm happy I stumbled upon Carole's sal at http://www.novalee02.over-blog.com/ , and that it and my Annalee's will make a very pretty tableau.

The Regency quilt is almost done, except I haven't quilted the outside border.  But I foresee another finish in my future very soon.

God Bless You.


Sonia said...

Cool! Looks awesome. :)

Barb said...

I can see why you love it, just wonderful!!!

Stray Stitches said...

Your Easter SAL is beautiful!!!

Hazel said...

Sorry, Joanna - I skipped right by this, and I've been waiting for the finish pic too!

Can't decide between the rabbits & carrots or the easter chickies at the top as my favourties - I can really see why you've enjoyed the SAL!