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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My New Gadget

I hope the people at AccuQuilt don't mind my calling their GO! machine a "gadget", but mine has arrived and is now a part of my sewing repertoire.  This quilt is the pattern that comes with the Value Die which comes with the GO!  At this point I'm not ready to rate or give testimony, but I will say that from now on I do not want to make half-square triangles without cutting them out first with the GO! gadget.  It makes hst's a million times easier.  I do have a problem in that I purchase fabric by the yard because it's the most economical way, but that means it needs to be cut or torn into strips to fit over the part of the die I was using.  I guess that's what everyone else does, but I wonder if there's an easier way to go about it. 

I do like the quilt top, and I spent most of my time sewing it and not cutting it, which was nice.  And funny thing, between the time I ordered the GO! and it's arrival I slashed my thumb with the rotary cutter.  OY!  I never developed safe practises when using the rotary cutter, but I am very careful now. 

I received the cutest Easter card in the world from my sister's granddaughter.
Notice his cotton tail!


This is how I knew it was time to take a break today.
 If you take a close look you will see the pieces of the quilt I was sewing underneath my little beast.  Okay, I'll stop:)

God Bless You.



Donna said...

Love the quilt top. The colors are lovely.

Moxie is brave. Cha Cha is scared of the ironing board - probably because it lives in the closet with the dreaded vacuum cleaner!

QuiltSue said...

What a great quilt. I love the fabrics you used, and I certainly agree about making HST's with the Go!

I love your card too.