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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

America The Beautiful Part 4 and Christmas Wreath Quilt Backing

I completed part 4 of the America The Beautiful quilt designed by Lynn Lister and published in McCall's Quilting.

This time around we made the school house. rail fences and checkerboard strips. 

The only thing left are three houses and more decorative fillers.  I hope sewing all of these very different sized blocks is going to be a smooth process.

This quilt design is one of the types of quilts that I wanted to make when I began to quilt because it evokes life.  That's one of the reasons I love the log cabin block and some of the other traditional blocks.  There is something alive behind the design and that is what I love about it..   And to me it's also what is fun about quilting.  I'm not telling you anything new.  I'm sure you feel what I feel when those very sweet Christmas quilts come out with images that just go straight to our hearts.  I love them and want to make every one.

Speaking of Christmas quilts, I got the fabric and made the backing for my Christmas Wreath Quilt.  I had some of the squares left over from the design, and also some of the smaller fabric pieces. 

I made one crazy scrap block, fast becoming one of my favorite blocks, and sewed a strip to be the connector between the two main fabric pieces. One benefit is that one square is cream and will be the quilt label. Carrie Nelson in her book Schnibbles Times Two tells how she makes the label a part of the backing and it is then quilted onto the quilt. For someone like me who is bad about labeling her quilts that makes it so much easier.

God Bless You and all you do.


Hazel said...

America the Beautiful looks like it will be a challenge to piece, Joanna, the blocks being all different shapes and sizes! I love all the different blocks - fillers as well as 'town' blocks. I see something different each time I look at it - I would have loved to have such an interesting quilt as a little girl.

That Christmas piece is what I call really 'scrappy' - no waste! Cute block!

I'm watching with interest how you do your label - it's something that I will have to consider for both Scatty Christmas Stars and for my Spring Garden Trellis. I've see some lovely embroidered labels, but I think that they are made by quilters who have very good embroidery skills too!

PS Apologies for misspelling your name on my comment on your previous post - I spotted my mistake just as I pressed 'submit'.

Barb said...

I can not begin to tell you how much I truly love this quilt....

Stray Stitches said...

Your America the beautiful is coming along beautifully. I have saved the patterns from the magazine and will make it someday......

Love the use of your scraps in the backing of your Christmas Wreath Quilt. And what a great idea about the sewing the label into the backing.

soggibottom said...

Ah, no you mentioned Christmas :-)
Love the bears by the way, I have noticed :-)xxx

Jenniffier said...

I have been looking at the america the beautiful in the magazine. Yours is looking lovely. I like the fabrics you choose. Great quote at the top of your page. :)