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Thursday, March 29, 2012

SewCalGal Opened the Voting for the GQA

It's time to vote for the Golden Quilter Awards held each year by SewCalGal.  Just by voting you have a chance to win a prize from one of the many sponsors.  This is a nice way to recognize the people in the quilting world you appreciate and rely on.   Here is the link:


The voting is open until this Saturday, March 31st. 

Best wishes to all of the nominees.

God Bless.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

All Caught Up For Now

Eleanor Burns' Treasure Chest Quilt Block #6 - Mexican Star

Is this block cool, or what?

SewCalGal's March FMQ Challenge:

This was an exercise in loops and curves.  I still have a way to go, but it is fun and every month I learn a little something.

Sue of Quilt Times' Festive Mystery Part 2

All set for the next installment in April and looking good.
Message for Judy S; Because you have no reply email I wasn't able to forward the instructions for part 2. I have posted them on the original post of the March QAL page so that you and anyone else who needs them can find them more easily. http://needlethreadhappiness.blogspot.com/2012/03/chirstmas-qal-march-post-1.html

God Bless.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Christmas QAL March Post 6

The Christmas QAL in April will be hosted by Lesley of The Cuddle Quilter http://lesleythecuddlequilter.blogspot.com/
I love her blog header and button; looks like the perfect chair for some calming hand quilting. 

From the visiting I've done today, some of you have made progress in your projects, whether the Festive Mystery quilt or other things.  You are all so talented.  Thanks so much for joining me today. 

Christmas QAL March Post 5

This is what Moxie does when she wants attention.

She climbs my canopy and waits for me to hear her walking on it.  If you read Donna's post about ChaCha,
 you may not think quilting and cat ownership go together. But she's my comic relief.

Am I getting any sewing done or cooking?  Not today.  I'm pretty sure that any sewing I tried today I'd be ripping out tonight, so it's on hold.  But I'm happy to see what you all have been doing. 

Christmas QAL March Post 4

Sharon of Vroomans Quilts mentioned the Beach Boys Christmas song she enjoyed and I found this on youtube.  I love the clean cut look of that era.  I remember they came out with "Be True to Your School" when I was in high school and we all took it very seriously. 


Some of you are making great progress and have your units in bags ready for next month.  We also have some new quilters joining us, so welcome.  If you don't have a blog and still want to stitch along just email the host of the month for the instructions.  


Christmas QAL Post 3

Boy, am I ever off to a sloppy start! 
Hope you all have the second installment of Festive Mystery.  Let me know if not.

Sharon has snow, but we are cold and clear here. 
I'm off to sew. 

Christmas QAL Post 2

My apologies for not getting the second installment out faster.  I can't seem to attach the word document to email, so I am just forwarding Sue's email to you all of you.  No excuses, just apologies.

Chirstmas QAL March Post 1 Edited

Hello and Welcome to the March Christmas Quilt Along.

This month you are visiting the Southeastern part of Massachusetts in the North East of the United States of America.
I've been wondering what to do to make all of you feel welcome and inspired and I realized that if you are here and reading this post than you are all ready to go.  So happy!
Mr. Linky is here also, and when you log in I will email to you the second installment of Sue of Quilt Times' Festive Mystery  http://quilttimes.blogspot.com/.   If you prefer to email me, than do so and I will respond. 

We get to sew this month! And you will love Part C.  Be sure to post pictures because for me at least that's one of the best parts of this QAL.   I love to participate and I love to see what every one else is making.  Last month it was seeing the fabric choices of the other bloggers that helped me make my final decisions on fabric.  I don't belong to a guild yet, so other bloggers are my support and inspiration.  And you are IT today:)

Do you like to dance?  How about some music? 
My favorite band in high school ( after the Beatles and Bob Dylan, and etc. ) was
The Young Rascals.  I absolutely loved them.  I met them  and have their autographs from 1966 or 1967.  This song was my favorite at the time.
Let's jitterbug around between sewing strips and taking pictures and visiting each others blogs.  If you feel like sharing your favorite music artists or songs, do so.  I'd love to know.
We are so lucky to be quilting together today. 
Let's have some quilting fun!

God Bless.
I'll be back later.
And yes, I do have a recipe to share.
After all, a girl's got to live:)

Festive Mystery Quilt
(March instalment)
1. Take the 3½” x 3½” background squares and put them in a bag labelled Unit A. (Now you see why you need plastic bags!)
2. To make Unit B:
If you are making the non-scrappy version, follow the instructions in section A below OR, for the scrappy version follow the instructions in section B:
Section A:
i. With right sides together, sew one light and one medium 2” x 42” strip along one long edge.
ii. Open out and press seam to the darker side.
iii. Repeat to make five strip sets.
iv. Cross cut the sewn strips into units measuring 2” x 3 ½” units.
v. Take two of these units, rotate one so the light and medium colours are opposite each other. Sew together to make one four-patch.
vi. Press the seam to one side and trim the square to 3½” x 3½”.
vii. Repeat to make 48 of four-patches.
viii. Put in a bag labelled Unit B.
ix. Go to C below.
Section B:
i. Take one light and one medium 2” x 2” square. Place right sides together and sew along one edge. Open out and press seam to the darker side. Repeat with another pair of squares.
ii. Take these two units, rotate one so the light and medium colours are opposite each other. Sew together to make one four-patch.
iii. Press the seam to one side and trim to 3½” x 3½”square.
iv. Repeat to make 48 four-patches.
v. Put them in a bag labelled Unit B.
C. That’s all for this month, so all you have to do now is . . . . .
Keep everything safe until next month!

Monday, March 5, 2012

All Set for the Christmas QAL

My fabric is all set for the second installment of the Festive Mystery Quilt which Sue http://quilttimes.blogspot.com/  will give to us this coming Saturday.  And I am going to be all set as well because I am the host this month.  I hope I make it fun for you.  Maybe I'll follow Hazel's lead and share a recipe. 

Do you ever wonder how QAL's began?  Or how Mystery QAL's began?  I think the newspapers and periodicals started it all.  Whatever it was I love to join in with other bloggers to make a quilt.  We all make the same design and they all look amazingly different.  It's fun. 

See you Saturday.
God Bless.