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Saturday, June 30, 2012

My "Playground" Activity

I may never win the lottery but I am very happy when I have a win in blogland.  Recently my joy was to win Kay MacKenzie's new book, Scrap-Applique Playground.  It's a neat book with fun designs.
  Thank you to Kay http://www.allaboutapplique.net/ and to Susan Brubaker Knapp http://wwwbluemoonriver.blogspot.com/ on whose blog I was chosen the winner. 

With my penchant for jumping into projects feet first without fearing how deep the water is, I began making the cover quilt, "Lollipop Grove".  It's my first landscape quilt and is going pretty well.  Kay's designs in this book use patchwork/crazy patches for the appliques.  It's very relaxing, and I love to see my little scraps getting used up.  The lollipop treetops are fun to make.  This is what I've done so far.
I've just placed my patches on the background to see how I'm doing, so this is not the final layout.  Lots more trimming and shaping to come, as well as the sun, birds, and small "gumball flowers" to make.  This is Kay's quilt:

Designers do have the best scraps, don't they:) 

 I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday.
God Bless.


Hazel said...

I tell you, you should buy a lottery ticket - you have a lucky streak!

Sounds like your finger is on the mend - thank goodness - you are on a roll!

And what a fab book! Lovely inscription too, and although I agree with what you say about designers having the best scraps, your version is pretty snappy - I'm looking forward to seeing your sun block too.

QuiltSue said...

It looks like you're having lots of fun in the playground. Your version is looking good, and I think the trees are great. I wonder when a bird will think so too and build a nest in one?