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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Mystery of Festive Mystery

Sue of Quilt Times http://quilttimes.blogspot.com  gave the Christmas QAL participants a challenge:  try and figure out the design of the blocks/quilt.  We have some clues: 
     We know the quilt is 42 X 60 and that the blocks are 9".
     This made me think there are 4 blocks across and 6 blocks down with a 3" border.
     We have our ABCDs.
     We know  it's festive.
Since we have 20 C's I thought they would be used between the blocks as a kind of sashing but only across, not down.

That left the As, Bs, and Ds for the blocks and border.

I had to abandon my idea that we were making  pinwheels because I couldn't come up with a 9" block that was pleasing.  Finally I came up with a version of the Friendship Star at I think looks pretty nice.

      This block will leave plenty of patches for a pieced border that I think will look good. 

So that's my guess.  Saturday at Sweet P's http://sweetp-paulette.blogspot.co.uk  I'll find out how far off I am:)  Paulette of Sweet P Quilting and Creations will host the Christmas Quilt Along this month, so join us there.  It's always fun.

The ninth block of the Treasure Chest Quilt is Prickly Pear  http://www.facebook.com/#!/quiltinaday and mine is finished.
This block is really easy to put together and has a great finish. 

Only 3 more blocks and we're done. 
I'm going to be looking for a new qal to join. 
Or else I can finish all of my WIPs that are piled up in my sewing room.

God Bless.


Donna said...

Love your version of the mystery quilt! I, too had to give up on pinwheels. Happy quilting.

Lesley said...

Your guess for Festive Mystery is terrific! Will look forward to Saturday! Love your sampler blocks!

Sand and Sunshine said...

I think it's pinwheels too. You're going to have a beautiful quilt what color are you planning for binding?

Mrs.Pickles said...

everything looks great!! I need to finish unit D so I am play around too!

Hazel said...

I wonder if there will two types of blocks? There are even(ish) numbers of the 4squares and the HSTs but loads of unit A backgrounds.

Your pinwheels use more HSTs than 4squares....but then again if you use the rest of the 4squares as cornerposts, would that work?

Agh! Too difficult!

Can't wait till Saturday for the reveal over at Paulettes! Look forward to seeing you there!

Reenie said...

Decisions, decisions!! Love your guess! Oh, I am getting so impatient to know now!!! lol

BilboWaggins said...

Joanna, lovely to see your design arrangements for Sue's mystery quilt :}

QuiltSue said...

I don't know about anyone else, but I am having so much fun with this little contest. Thanks so much for entering.