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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Christmas QAL August - Post 2

It has taken this much time to sew on the prairie points and patch together the backing. 
The points are easy enough, but I think I should have used the walking foot to sew them on because of the bumps.  I need to fix a few but otherwise that part is done.

It took longer to make the backing.  I didn't have enough of the printed fabric and I wanted to save some of it to use for more napkins or placemats.  I had lots of medium to small pieces of white so I ended up sewing it all together with two strips of the lights print.
So now it's just to put it all together and quilt it. 
See you later.


Lynn said...

Your prairie points are going to be so worth the extra effort. They look great! I love scrappy backs. They take more time, but they are much more interesting. Great job!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love prairie points and great pieced backing. Everyone's quilts are so unique!

QuiltSue said...

What a brilliant idea to do a pieced backing too. This quilt is going to be great.

Reenie said...

Wow...this one is just gorgeous, too!! Love the prairie points..wow..what a lot of work those must have been!

Shakerwood said...

I LOVE making pieced backs. It makes it more interesting and it is much more practical. It's worth the trouble.

Donna said...

Your quilt is looking wonderful. I missed you guys yesterday due to weather - electrical storms. Not a day for using the computer or sewing machine.