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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Super Giveaway Wins And Not Much Else

Henry Glass Fabrics http://henryglassfabrics.blogspot.com/  recently had a blog hop of their designers and  I was lucky on two counts.  One of their designers is Little Quilts and from them I received this beautiful fabric and patterns group from their new collection, Little Darlings.

One of the patterns has embroidered blocks so I look forward to working on them.  One of the first quilt books I bought and still refer to often is "Little Quilts All Through The House."  It was written by the same three quilters who designed this collection and have a quilt shop in Georgia.  http://www.littlequilts.com 
From the Henry Glass site, I won this flannel fabric bundle of baby prints.  It's just too cute and soft.

Thank you, Henry Glass & Co., Inc.  It was nice to meet your designers. 
I'm not sure about you, but I do develop a loyalty to companies from whom I've won something.  If they can bother, then I can bother. 

I've worked on the FMQ Challenge for August and I don't seem to be able to duplicate the exercise.  We are supposed to be imitating a jester's cap and it's a really cute design, but I just don't seem able to get it. 
I was going to show what I've done so far but it's pretty bad.  I'll just do some more practising and see if I can't get it up to a decent level.

I've been hand-quilting my brother's QOV and now have three blocks done.  Right now my plan is to hand-quilt the five main blocks and machine stitch the rest, but that could change.  I like the way the outlines look when hand-quilted, so I may just continue.  Yep, really losing my marbles.

By the way, last week I asked for resources for quilt histories, and Barbara Brackman's name was mentioned by Sharon and Cathi.  I am reading Barbara's book, "Quilts From The Civil War" and am enthralled.  It's not a political treatise, but a chronicle of the war as it affected women, quiltmaking and the quilts themselves, textiles and such.  I think Barbara Brackman has done  a service to American history by writing this book.  Maybe I'm too serious about this, but I'm seeing the war from a different point of view.

God Bless You.


SewCalGal said...

Lucky you. What wonderful prizes.

I'm sure you'll get the jesters hat. close your eyes and see if you can draw do it in your mind. If that doesn't work try drawing over her design with your finger and repeat 10X.


Hazel said...

Those fabrics are just too cute for words!

I'd walk away from the FMQ and when you come back to it fresh, I'm sure you'll get the knack of it.

The hand quilting on the QOV is just stunning - so crisp! I'd be torn - as you are - about the quality of the finish & the time it will take do!

It looks like you are taking pics of Moxie in the coal hole - or are you just spooking us early for halloween...?? ;-) Tee hee!

Soggibottom said...

WOW.. :-) GO GIRL :-) Ah, you know, just couldn't have happened to a better person.. :-) Lots of smiles and I know you will show your skills from what you are going to make with that beautiful stash :-) X X X

Barb said...

Now that is one awesome win...enjoy your goods.

Ruth Hamilton said...

My brother, Concord Pastor, just sent me a link to your blog for which I am thankful (actually thankful for him, too)! Congratulations on your wonderful wins - what beautiful prizes. Have you gone to Barbara Brackman's blog http://quilt1812warandpiecing.blogspot.com/ ? You might find it interesting. Thanks for the tip on the "Little Quilts" book.

Joanna said...
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Soggibottom said...

I love hearing about quilt history, not just the English stuff either :-)
Ah, now just look at that perfect look
:-) X X X