"A very Merry Unbirthday to you, to you. A very Merry Unbirthday to you." from Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland"

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Empire Star Block and Part 2 of Christmas SAL

The fourth block of the Benjamin Franklin Mystery Quilt is the Empire Star block.  http://erikhomemade.typepad.com/erik_homemade/benjamin-franklin-mystery-quilt/
It is a good looking block and I'm happy to be up to date on this qal. 
The third block is the Fly Foot block which I posted about here http://needlethreadhappiness.blogspot.com/2012/08/fly-foot-block.html
That block was bothering me because of its brutal associations so today I took it apart and rearranged it so it looks like this now:
I love the other blocks and the fabric I'm using in this quilt and knew I couldn't let it go.  I know, I'm too sensitive.   
I also completed the second part of the Christmas SAL with Carole of Point de Croix Novalee 02  http://novalee02.over-blog.com/
Love this project, too.
Hope you are all well.
God Bless You.

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Last Block

This is the Rose Dream block and it is the last block in the Treasure Chest Quilt. 
Here are my blocks in the layout Quilt in a Day used.

There is sashing and flying geese in the border, so there's more to do.
I'm happy the blocks are done.  I'm ready to start playing with my Christmas fabric.
And I have accepted a wonderful project. 
My mother made my sister's wedding gown some 43 or so years ago.  Yesterday my sister invited me to use her gown to make her new granddaughter a Baptismal dress.  How nice is that! 
I'll keep you posted on that project.
God Bless You. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

September Christmas QAL Post 3

I'm done for now.  In between stitches I roasted tomatoes and ate some on good rye bread - a delicious oily concoction.  I do like Hazel's Greek cookie recipe so that's a treat I will make in the near future.

I mentioned my mistake to some of you and just want to say it is still there but I over stitched the yellow error with white thread so it won't be so visible.  I guess I unconsciously put the Joanna stamp on this design.  I checked Carole's blog and she has posted pictures of this section done by 54 other participants, so I feel like the turtle in this race. 
Thank you to Hazel for being such a fun host this month.  She gets extra credit for all of the fancy dress outfits she came up with and shared with us.  I know for a fact you won't be seeing me in a sarong any time soon.
Hope the rest of your weekend is lovely.
God Bless You.

September Christmas QAL Post 2

Other than take a short walk and doing some laundry I've been stitching, but this is all I have to show.

This section needs to be completed and the photo submitted by September 15th in order for me to receive the next section, but I can only stitch for so long before I need to move around a bit. 

I have the last block to make for the Treasure Chest QAL, or more hand quilting or the FMQ Challenge for September.  Too many choices I think.  Think I'll visit the QAL gang and have a cup of tea.

September Christmas QAL Post 1

Hazel http://www.hazelsquilts.blogspot.com is our very cheery host this month.  So take a short trip to England and get happy just reading her post.  She's got me thinking this is going to be a great day for stitching.

And speaking of stitches, that is what is on my agenda today.  I have joined in a SAL for a Christmas cross stitch pattern with Carole of Novalee 02 http://novalee02.over-blog.com/ .  This is what my goal for today is:

And this is how much I have done so far:

As you can see, I have much to do.  Might as well get to it.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blatant Request for Votes

 Okay, I have not done this before but I am asking for you to vote for my block,Ozark Trail, here  http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151059875683165&set=a.10151059872233165.438144.179582883164&type=3&theater#!/photo.php?fbid=10151059875683165&set=a.10151059872233165.438144.179582883164&type=3&theater  For me it means a gift certificate to Quilt in a Day, how nice is that.  For you, well, nothing.  But, I will be very grateful.  Here is my block:

It really is one of my best in this project. 
Hey, how is this?  I will pray for all of my followers each day in September for whatever they need, whether or not you voted.  You win even if you don't do anything but read this post.   
Thank you.
God Bless You.