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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Enjoyable Sewing

I worked on a quilt today that I totally enjoyed making; it was fun putting it together.  I had this collection; Coffee Cats Café, and wanted to make something that wasn't summery.  After the past two weeks of heat, yesterday it hit 98 degrees, I am ready for cooler weather and an autumn project. 

I love the beatnik cats.  Visions of Dobie Gillis and Maynard G. Krebs.
This panel is part of the collection but I didn't use this today.
I decided to make this quilt, an Around the Twist design,
from this book, Big Print Patchwork by Sandy Turner. 
True confessions, I borrowed this book from the library, it was due back yesterday, so I need to return it on Monday because someone else has it on hold.  So, I wanted to make something and had this weekend to do it.
This is what I have so far.

The intertwined sashes have a cool look and are deceptively easy, even though for me it was a  mind-bender putting the pieces together and totally fun. 


Donna said...

Love it! The cats are so adorable and this design works perfectly to display them. Great work!

Hazel said...

What a hoot! I just love your laid back cats!

Long may the borrowing of books continue! I grew up in the library system (mum was a branch librarian, and my colleague Rita who works part time for me keeps her hand in with 'pool' work in the libraries) and my 'bookcase' was vast!

I'm glad you've enjoyed your 'borrow', and hope that the next person will too!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I have that coffee panel - yet to play with it. Great pattern to show case those hip cats!

QuiltSue said...

What fun fabric, the cats are wonderful. The design you chose is great cos you get to see a lot of the cats.

Susan Smith said...

Love the Round the Twist pattern and it certainly shows off those funky cats. Lovely.