"A very Merry Unbirthday to you, to you. A very Merry Unbirthday to you." from Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland"

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

QOV Block Drive

I learned of a blogger in Colorado who is collecting blocks for Quilts of Valor.  http://alyciaquilts.blogspot.com/2013/08/big-blowout-block-drive.html  There are only two types of blocks being collected, and the directions for making them are on Alycia's website.  There is a giveaway attached to the block drive.  If you are interested, you have until the end of October to make and submit.  These are some of the blocks I made.

August is the month for me to try new quilting methods, apparently, because I had never made a string block before, but now I have.  My first two attempts  I redid once I figured out my own way of doing it, but they are fun to make.  Now I can say I have paper-pieced and string blocked.  Good for me.
God Bless.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lantern Quilt

My Lantern Quilt is bigger than I originally planned but I'm pleased with the size because I can use it on my bed.  Don't look closely at the quilt because I haven't buried the threads yet, but I wanted to link up to Quilty Habit's Lantern - a - long Linky.  http://www.quiltyhabit.blogspot.com/2013/08/lantern-long-linky.html

The backing is polka dots that blend with the mix of colors from the top, and since I had made 2 extra Tinkerbell blocks I used them on the backing.

Thanks to Jessica of Quilty Habit for this fun design.  I said I wouldn't join any more qal's this year because I wanted to work on my ufo's but this was a fun and quick project.   And thanks to Sharon of Vroomans Quilts where I spotted the qal button.  Love that quilting community. 
God Bless You.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Where's Moxie? Pets on Quilts Post

Let's begin at the beginning.

What did she make now?
Don't bother asking.  I'll test it for you.
I love it.  It's mine.
You didn't make it for me?
 But I want it.
I think I see my cousins Tiger and Smudge pictured on it.
And Mitsy and Mickey.
Looks like my whole family.
I'm keeping it.

Coffee Cats Café by Color Principle for Henry Glass & Co.
The design is Around the Twist by Sandy Turner. 
Thank you Padsworth and Snoodles.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Christmas QAL August - Post 6 Thank you

Thank you to everyone for joining me in the QAL this month.  In September we head over to Hazel's http://www.hazelsquilts.blogspot.com.  Grumpy George was almost knee deep in vegies this month; who knows what shape he'll be in after another month of sunshine and fertilizer.  Hope Hazel can find him.  Now here's a thought that Sue and I had; What about putting GG on the QAL button?  He looked kind of cute in his Santa hat the first time we met him.  What do you all think? 
Not to make anyone nervous or anything, but there are only 3 more QAL's before the December show.  Just thought I'd mention that.
Thanks again and
God Bless You.

Christmas QAL August - Post 5

The bad news is that I walked away from the paper piecing project after numerous mistakes on the same small piece.  The good news is that I went back to it once I cooled off and got over it.  Sharon and Sue were both brave enough to make a guess at what I was making, but they were both wrong.  Apparently, a big black spot in the middle of white fabric isn't much of a clue.

It's supposed to be a polar bear looking through a window.  It's called You Got Cookies by Sonja Callaghan.  His hat should be red, but you know the rules so he has gold which I think looks a little bland.  The pom pom on his hat is going to have to be very colorful.  Maybe he needs a blingy earring in that right ear:)   There is still more to be added, but the paper piecing is done.  Thank goodness.

What is the universal remedy for unhappy moments?
I made chocolate covered pretzels.  They aren't gorgeous but they taste good and are too easy to make. https://www.hersheys.com/celebrate/holidays/recipedetail.aspx?id=3441
Hope you are having fun today.

Christmas QAL August - Post 4

It's Sunday and the Christmas QAL is still open for business.  I'm enjoying the peeks at your projects in between my own quilting and other weekend stuff.  It seems that today besides our QAL there are other blogging events  taking place so I think we'll have a variety of posts to view for fun and ideas.

I was going through my Christmas magazines last night and came across a project I decided to make for the Challenge.  It is paper piecing, and I have never done that before so this will be a learning experience as well.  This is what I have so far:
Can you tell what it is? 
So far what I think about paper piecing is that it seems to me I am wasting fabric.  It's probably because I am new at it and haven't figured out how to judge how much I need.  However, I will carry on and see how it turns out.  It's another mind bending exercise that my little brain appreciates.
Have fun today.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Christmas QAL August - Post 3

I finished the binding on my Coffee Cats Café quilt and it's ready for the Pets on Quilts show which begins tomorrow. http://www.lilypadquilting.blogspot.com/  I just have to lure Moxie onto it so I can get a cute picture of her and the quilt. 
I also took a break for some walking exercise.  A new bridge in my area also has a bicycle path so I walked across the bridge. 
That's the Taunton River.  And yes, there are power plants on each side of it. 
Grumpy George made an appearance at Hazel's.  Are we the only QAL with a mascot?  I think so.  Hazel, thanks for adding George to our group.  He makes me laugh out loud. 
I took some time to play with the Lantern Quilt blocks.  The link for that quilt show goes up on Monday but I won't be ready for it until later in the week.  And that's if Lifiss Interuptus doesn't occur.
Time for a tea break.

Christmas QAL August - Post 2 - Projects

I love the fabric baskets that I've seen online and wanted to make a few to help keep things organized.  This link is the one I followed:  http://www.aspoonfulofsugardesigns.com/2013/03/gathered-round-basket-3-sizes.html  Don't you love the colors they used?  My first basket has a Christmas theme.
Yes, those are soap slivers in the basket; I use them to mark because I know it won't hurt the fabric. 
These are reversible.
The only question I had was the instructions call for wadding, which I thought was what we call batting in the United States.  I used fusible interfacing because I thought it would work.  So British friends, do you think they mean wadding as in batting or is it interfacing?  I'm wondering which is preferable.  I want to make a few more.
Now, this is the link to the project I originally wanted to share with you.
Katrina's ornaments look pretty and are easy to make.  If I used a smaller print fabric it might work better.
I think the little one makes a cute decoration for my bowl.  You could play with it a bit, add some bling and have a nice coat pin.  Don't know about you but I love to put a Christmas pin on my coat or jacket.
Am I delaying my Challenge project?  Yes, because I'm still wondering about it.  I actually lost the bow block I made in June.  It's in the house somewhere but I can't find it.  Maybe Moxie took it.

Christmas QAL August - Post 1

Welcome!  I feel like I'm late for an important date because when I looked at the linky four of you were linked in and at it.  I am happy we are finding time this weekend to do some quilting, whether it is working on Sue's Challenge or our own ideas. 
If you are new to our Quilt Along and want to know about it, please read the intro and challenge explanation that is right below the Mr. Linky tool on the Christmas Quilt Along page at the top of my blog.  Sue of Quilt Times http://www.quilttimes.blogspot.com devised a challenge that on first reading has a deceptive simplicity to it, but in practice is, well, challenging.  And that's what makes it fun. 
I have a project to finish today.
It may look like a Christmas project but it's my Pets on Quilts quilt and all that's left is the binding and label to be a finish. 
I'm off to visit and get going.

Friday, August 9, 2013

It's There If You Are Looking For IT

Yes, I am 12 hours early, and I don't expect you to comment on this post, but I wanted to get the MisterLinky up early for our quilters in Australia and Great Britain, and maybe even farther away places. So, it's there. 
And, of course, I'm talking about the August Christmas QAL weekend.
Am I eager or what? 
Be back in 12 hours or so.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sto Lat To Me And Other Ramblings

I celebrated my birthday a few days ago (60 something - retirement, here I come) and wanted to share a card I received from my sister.  She is a talented scrapbook and card maker.  She designed a card for me and the inside has this sweet patchwork with little buttons and a star.  It completely relates to me; I've made more star blocks than I want to count and love those little buttons, and I do love traditional patchwork.  I love the card.  Thank you, Ging.
The fourth lantern block is called the Tinkerbell Lantern. http://www.quiltyhabits.blogspot.com  
 Just one more and we're done.  On Monday we get lantern #5 and the finishing directions.  I've thoroughly enjoyed making these cuties.  They work up fast so if you are thinking of joining in it's not too late.
I did some more bargain shopping at Sizzix and for under $40, which included shipping, I got all of these dies:
I can't wait to play with that teacup as well as all of the others, but today I used the hexie.
These are easy to sew together.  It's important to start and stop 1/4" in when sewing the seam so I'm finding this a slower project, but that's fine.  I'm using up scraps and it's fun. 
I won this FQ bundle from Camelot Fabrics.
 The collection is called Gray Matters and is mostly polka dots and paisley prints.  It's so cool.  Thank you, Camelot Fabrics. 
What will you be doing a week from today?  I'll be here hosting the August Christmas QAL.  Hope you join in.
God Bless You.