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Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Quilting is Done

 What is on the back?  More tree's, of course.
 And a sweet cat looking for company.
I'm having a problem choosing binding fabric because the front trees are scrappy with lots of aqua blue and magenta, but the backing is green, white and red.  Maybe red would be the best choice.  

FYI:  Fabrics Galore is closing and is having a big sale.  You might be able to snag a bargain or two, if interested.

God Bless.


sunny said...

Wow - your quilting looks amazing!

Lesley said...

Joanna, your quilt is gorgeous! Love how you quilted it, and very impressed with the backing that includes a couple more trees! Wonderful!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

The quilting is just gorgeous and love the back. A red binding would pop it.

Hazel said...

Blimey - you have been busy! That is stunning, both front and back - you should be very pleased with it!

I'm with Sharon - red binding would bring it all together.

Susan Smith said...

That quilting looks fabulous and maybe red binding would look good. A deep red? There seems to be a few Xmas trees with the deeper red. Anyway, well done and take care.

Dolores said...

You've done a wonderful job. I'm jealous.

SewCalGal said...

What a great job. Absolutely beautiful.

I really don't think I'm good at color at all, but I'd lean to auditioning a dark green (that matches the dark green of your trees) and maybe see if there are any greys that blend with the quilt). I'll be curious what you go with. Either way, I'm sure it will look great. Gorgeous as it is.


QuiltSue said...

That is absolutely stunning. The quilting designs you went with are just perfect too.

About the binding, how about making a scrappy one using the fabrics you've used in the quilt?

Sheila said...

Wonderful quilting Joanna , wow you sure did a great job ! Love the back to with that additional tree :-)

legato1958 said...

This quilt is just stunning! I love your quilting (so jealous!), the scrappy trees, AND THE BACK!! Sweet little surprises everywhere!!

Your Moxie is so cute and pretty, too. It is so nice to have our little cat helpers, isn't it?!

Barb said...

I love love this quilt!!!