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Monday, October 1, 2018

Black Cat with Polka Dots

I was pulling together all of the Christmas panels I have when I came across this one that I completely forgot owning.  I don't usually do very much for Halloween but I must have liked this little guy in the pumpkin.  It's a Mary Jane Carey for Henry Glass panel from last year, I think.  
Anyway, I'm hand quilting it with long stitches.  

This is an aster plant the I bought for half price from the "almost dead" section one of the garden stores nearby.  It was a sad thing at first but it's doing well now.  

I got this aster at the same time.  It's really a bush with very small flowers; very delicate in appearance but I think it's a hardy plant.  I'll mulch it really well when the weather turns colder.

Hope all is well.
God Bless.

Four O'Clocks - I love them.


Susan Smith said...

Oh, the cat looks so cute sitting in the pumpkin! Your garden is coming along nicely. Happy hand quilting & take care.

Karen said...

Your polka dot cat reminds me of the candy commercial for "Skittles" where the teen-age guy has Skittles Pox. Have you ever seen the commercial?

รัตนาวดี ภูมิวรรณ said...

Thank you for sharing with everyone. I know everything about you. It's great and it's great.