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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hearts, Squaring Up, Mrs. Pollifax, and Small Graces

Today was one of those days when two small problems that needed to be addressed were taken care of without any great expense. And I am positive that it's because I prayed to the Holy Spirit to clue me in on what to do, and my prayer was answered. And even though in the title I call this a small grace, in my little life it is really a big grace because as a single woman I sometimes have no idea what causes the problems I run into domestically. Anyway, for a few weeks the beeping of a smoke alarm somewhere in the house, three stories, has had me on a seek and destroy mission, but I couldn't find the smoke alarm. Then, last Friday, I plugged in something in the kitchen and blew three outlets. I checked the circuit breakers thinking that's it, but they were okay. Today, with Moxie, I set out again determined to find that smoke alarm. We went up to the attic where I was sure it would not be since there is nothing up there except the second floor heating unit, and there it was, on one of the beams right over the heater. What a relief. Thank God. Then I again checked the circuit box, but everything was fine. I went into the kitchen, looked at the outlet, and saw the little button in the middle that needed to be reset. That did it. Thank God, again. That brought back my microwave, and two other outlets that I always use, so it made a big differnce to me. You may laugh at this, but I am much happier today than I was yesterday, even with the snow piling up outside.

I tried to listen to a Mrs. Pollifax mystery, but the tapes were very bad, and I had to give up. I'm disappointed because I liked the characters very much. I wanted to crochet another heart for St. Valentine's Day, and Caron Yarn had just what I wanted in their latest newsletter, the Trio of Hearts pattern. http://www.caron.com/projects/op/op_hearts.html.
I worked on the Mrs. Moen's Mystery quilting project, and the fabric squares in this photo are going to be something beautiful, or at least interesting, but I don't know what yet. I am learning a few things by participating in this stitch along, which is the point. With what we've done this week I've realized that I needed to square up my sewn together pieces, either because I cut them out wrong or I sewed them wrong. I hope whatever I'm making looks good enough to show. I am making another one in pinks and browns, so I have a backup. In our family, the policy is always have more than you need.God Bless You.

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