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Thursday, March 18, 2010

More Patchwork

I made the patchwork table cover, and I learned something. I purposely left out the dark color fabric because I thought the lighter and medium colors would blend better and be more spring-like. But I can see in the table runner I previously made where the dark color works to highlight the other colors and gives a certain definition to the patchwork. Working with colors in quilting really takes a practised eye. Even though I've been choosing fabric for sewing projects since I was in seventh grade, and I mix and match my wardrobe, the mixing of quilt fabrics is still a bit of a challenge. In fact, the about.com quilt site has a section for ugly quilts where people can send in pictures of quilts they made that just didn't work. I didn't quilt the table cover yet, but I'll get to it. I like the result, but I know it would have looked even better if I had included the dark patches.

I now have contact lenses that come out every day, and I can see near better, but now my distance sight is off, so next week I'll tell the doctor about that and see what she can do. I got used to seeing myself without glasses for a week, and now I don't want to go back to glasses full time. Vanity, I guess.
Moxie was playing Serengeti Plain in the yard yesterday, creeping up on the birds. And today there were flying insects about which she chased, along with any leaves that flew by. I don't know if this is the earliest I've ever seen bees and flies about, but it is only mid-March and they are out.

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Amanda said...

I personally think it's lovely! I couldn't quilt my way out of an open doorway, so I have a lot of respect for quilters :)