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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Let me show you the giveaway I received from Pat of A Little of This and A Little of Pat as a result of my winning a prize in the Good Eggs Bunny Hop.
Isn't that pretty fabric? Please notice the little fob with the sewing machine charm. I love the whole package. Thank you, Pat.

Back in my younger days when it was a right of passage to start a charm bracelet, my aunt who was my godmother gave me my first sterling charm bracelet. And either she or my Mom or maybe even my sister gave me a sewing machine charm. My bracelet also has a small pair of scissors. The summer I was twelve I attended Singer Sewing Center's sewing classes in my town which were part of Singer's contest that was held nationwide. I won the pre-teen class in my hometown, and my suit was shipped off for the regionals or whatever, but I didn't win those. No problem. My sewing pasttime was on it's way. I will be forever grateful to my Mom for getting me out of house that summer and letting me take those lessons. And what I meant to say by all of this is that I think I just may start a sewing machine charm collection. Sounds like fun to me.

I had an appointment today, and because I was dressed and nice and clean I didn't want to work outside or do housework, so I finished up things that were pretty much done, but not quite. For instance, I sewed the turning openings closed on two placemats, wove in the yarn on a baby blanket and stitched closed a hole in my shower cap. I had to rip out seams on the table runner I'm making. Making the blocks was the easy part. I'm having problems with sewing the triangles that surround the blocks because I have them meeting point to point instead of side to side. On two areas the triangles meet a good quarter inch off. If I can't get it right, I'll have to decide if I want to lay the blocks out square, let it be off or keep trying. Take care and God Bless You.


Gene Black said...

That is a great package from Pat, and that scissor fob is adorable. I love the sewing machine charm on it.

Pat said...

I'm so glad the package arrived safely to you, Johanna....and pretty quickly, too! Have a blessed Easter weekend.