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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Doing My Cross Stitch

I have been spending time on the Mary Poppins cross stitch because I want it finished. The pattern has the primary scene and then almost a shadowy scene of umbrellas and wind gusts that I think are meant to be background. I used navy blue silk thread for the primary scene and couldn't decide on the background color. I went with a blush beige, but now I think it's too light. I'm not going to remove it but you do have to get close to see the design. Maybe that's how it should be. I wonder if other people agonize over color choices the way I do. I suppose I shouldn't take it so seriously.

I am up to date on the My Little Heart sal with Sylvia, and I love May's pattern. I want to get the border done because it adds so much to the design. Another color decision to make.

And I made two name tags for my sister's granddaughters. They came out cute. I used stiff interfacing on both the aida cloth and the fabric backing so the tags will hold their shape. Luckily I had an eyelet maker that I bought years ago for something I made. I don't want to be a hoarder, but tools are a good thing to hold on to. The heart pattern is from a blog I follow called Frimousse.
Today I was a Pierogi Pincher Princess again (someone called us that today and I liked it.) We have only three or four more weeks, and then it's festival time. Summer will officially begin. God bless you and me.

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