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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Something to Remember, and Something to Get Through

When I was in grammar and high school, I hated studying and memorizing dates. I don't know if I hated it because I was bad at it or because it didn't make sense to me. It wasn't until college that I could make a mental time line and eras began to come alive for me. Why am I telling you this you may wonder? Because in my life certain dates I never forget. Today is an example. I made my First Holy Communion 52 years ago today. I always remember the date, May 25, and in some way acknowledge it.

In our church, all of the girls had to wear the same headpiece and purse, but we could pick out our dresses. Mine was organdy with a cutwork bodice. I still have it. Later, my mom made a pink satin slip to wear under the white organdy dress so I could get more use out of it. I like this picture, but the way I'm holding my candle looks like I'm ready to lead the charge of the Light Brigade. Anyway, I went to Mass today and received Communion. Thank God for the good things in life.

Enough of memory lane, now I'm going to whine. You may know that I am not new to sewing, but I am new to quilting. And I enjoy the process of quilting for the most part, or else I would not do it. However, I am now doing something I hate. (I've used that word alot in this post - sorry.) I have the last instructions for the pinwheel quilt, which Anina from Twiddletails designed. I love the quilt and know that it is going to be beautiful when it is done. But, part of the instructions are to make 96 half squares that measure 1.5 inches. That's okay, I did the cutting and sewing. Last night, in fact, I had a glass of Bordeaux while I measured and cut late into the night. But it was pleasant. I sewed them today, but now I have 96 squares to press, and I hate it.

Finger press or use the iron, it is still tedious work. But I want to finish this quilt so I'll do it. Do you think the pioneer women pressed their squares?
God Bless Everybody!

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Kelly said...

Congratulations on your Holy Communion anniversary.

And whine all you like! I think every quilter has one part they just "get through". I would absolutely prefer to press than cut, so perhaps I could press your squares and you could do some cutting for me? ;)

Perhaps pioneer women did press their squares. They prolly did it with a big old heavy lump of metal iron too. They would probably laugh at us whingers today!