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Friday, July 9, 2010

Sample Blocks, Lapghan

I worked on the two sample blocks for this week's quilt along with Amy. Here are mine:
I like both of them, and all of the other four. We're doing 16 blocks, so next week we'll already be half done. I'm enjoying this qal.

I prepared my Word Play squares and hope to cut and sew them this weekend.

I finished my second lapghan, and I like it very much. Pictures don't do this pattern justice, but I intend to make another. I may drop off the two I have so I can get feedback on them, and then go from there.

I discovered, via Dean Koontz, the children's writer Kate DiCamillo, and I feel blessed to read her books. Last night, in my insomniac hours starting at midnight, I read The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. What a good children's book (and apparently adult book too.) I've got The Tale of Despereaux to read next, and I'm sure I'll be awake to read it and enjoy it. Insomnia and 90 degree humid weather aren't conductive, for me, to do much, so I'm glad I have something good to read. While I crochet and sew I have been listening to Inspector Brunetti mysteries, and Anne Perry's books, along with another mystery series set in Italy, all of which I enjoy.

God Bless You. Gentle God, thank you for watermelon and ice cream.


Pat said...

WOW...you are getting a LOT done, aren't you? I love what you are showing us here today.

Anonymous said...

Your quilt blocks are just lovely! I always have been a sucker for roses. Great job. I enjoy seeing your other projects as well.

creativedawn said...

I reall like how you seem to get it ALL done..lol! Your quilt sampler blocks are gorgeous!

hugz, Pam

Brittany said...

I love the color scheme you have chosen for your blocks. They look so pretty!

Melanie said...

Your blocks are such soft, pretty colors. They'll make a lovely lap quilt!

Anonymous said...

Your blocks are really pretty. Your lapghan looks good too.