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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blocks, August Cross Stitch and Moxabella

Actually, these are the last two blocks for the Simple Sampler qal that Amy's Creative Side is leading. Here are all of my blocks together in order of creation:

Classic 4 patch, simple mosaic or 16 patch, plus, double 4 patch, two by three, snowball variation, log cabin, mosaic #5, 6-grid chain, 4 patch using hour glass, cross #5, new album, dutch windmills, practical orchard, Aunt Eliza's star, and mosaic #22. Don't you love the names of the classic blocks? I do.
I am going to rearrange them when finishing the quilt top to get a better balance of colors, but I'm happy with them.

I'm still quilting along with Erik's Homemade Scrap qal, and this is what those blocks look like so far:

This was the 15th sewing week, so we should be finishing up soon. I don't think I have two sections that are identical because we used scraps, and I really only used scraps. I'm interested to see the final quilt top.

Sylvia gave us two patterns for the August cross stitch. One was a bee hive that I will do separately, and the other is this sunflower:

When I looked at the work done so far, I was reminded that there are soon only four months left in 2010. Hmm.
I leave you with another Moxie picture.


Amy - Amy's Creative Side said...

All your blocks looks so great Joanna! I love your fabric choices, I plan to rearrange my blocks too :)

Lindsay said...

great blocks!! I am excited to finish mine too, and yes I would like to rearrange mine as well, I have switched out some of my fabrics to add more of the colors I like in my quilt! Can't wait to see it put together!

Shannon said...

Wonderful fabric. I love them!! Your cross stitch is great.

Brittany said...

Love your soft colors in the qal blocks.