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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Simplicity Has Much To Say For Itself

Inspired by other bloggers, I wanted to put a finish to some projects and not have UFO's building up.  Also inspired by other bloggers, I wanted to make the backing for my table runner a little bit jazier than just simple fabric.  And, like other bloggers I hope, I got carried away.  My intention was to do some nine patch blocks and add them to the back.  But once I started, it seemed I couldn't stop making blocks.  Now the backing looks like a totally new top.  I guess if I get tired of the good side, I can just flip it over, but I created more work for myself by trying to be creative.  And it still isn't finished.  I have been practising free motion machine quilting, so I'm going to let myself continue to stagger down the slope I'm on with this runner and quilt it by  FMMQ.  This should be interesting.  Stay tuned for the results. OY!

I'm trying to keep up with Christina's free motion lessons, but I find some of the designs are challenging. I still do the capital L's well, and the capital C's so that may be what I use to start with. The problem I have with meandering is that I don't seem to able to keep curving. There are spots where instead of curving I sew straighter and it's obvious.

This is a little bit better.

I'm going to get to it.  God Bless Everyone.


Barb said...

Your free motion is coming right along....doing great!

QuiltSue said...

I think your FM work is really looking good. I wish I could do it like that, but I know from previous experience (plenty of it) that I never will.

orchidlover said...

I love the backing that you made.

Just keep practising withthe quilting. It will come I promise you. Try to relax and not stress out about it and that will help

Love and hugs Gina xxx