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Friday, April 1, 2011

It's Been a Pretty Nice Day

I haven't won the lottery or anything else for that matter.  And it has been raining most of today.  But I read something inspirational this morning that just made my day.  I ended up going to Stations of the Cross and then Mass, which was a funeral for a 24 year old father of two. I didn't know him but the funeral preempted the regular Mass, so those of us who did the Stations went to the funeral mass.  It's sad to die that young, but faith tells us there is more. All in all, it was a very positive morning.
Then the sewing took over.   I admit that I have coveted and hoped to win an AccuQuilt GO! since it came out a year ago.  I've entered too many contests and never won.   I don't win even the weekly contest when there are only 100 or so entrants.   So, I bought a Sizzix Big Shot because the price was right.  I have read Lucky Duck's posts on the uses she has found for her Sizzix and was impressed.  I had also been doing quilte a bit of researching on the Sizzix.   Although I hope to get the  Westminster dies for quilting in the near future,  the dies I bought with my cutter were two flower dies and a fan.  This is my first project with one of the flower dies.   

Patsy Thompson has a video on how she uses her Sizzix to add enhancements to projects.  She backs her fabric with fusible facing before cutting which makes the narrow strips more stable.  I was too enthusiastic and eager to do that, but I will next time.  I zigzagged the edges of the flowers. 

Granted, these are not the quilting dies, rather dies for scrapbooking, but they work on fabric. 

I made one more mug rug.  Umbrellas can look very cute in crafts, and I loved this design when I saw it.  This is really my take, not what the designer called for.
This Madness is over.  Most of the designers were young bloggers who seem to be fearless when it comes to quilting.  They come up with an idea and make it happen.  I think I was like that at one time;-)

God Bless You.  Hope your day is pretty nice, too.


Colleen said...

Yeah Joanna! I love what you have done! I know you will like your Big Shot! I feel the same way about being creative. Sometimes I have to channel my younger creative self and remember how when I didnt know any better I did great things.

Hazel said...

Your new toy sounds like fun! As a novice the most useful 'gadget' has been a can of spray starch, although as I do more, I can see the attraction of the technology!

I can see that the mug rugs project has been a lot of fun for you - and I think that you've tried out a few new things too. I wonder which of the designs has been your favourite, and why?

QuiltSue said...

I love your spring/summer flowers and the umbrella is just gorgeous. Hazel has asked just the question I was going to about which has been your favourite?