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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Christmas QAL June Third Post; Hey, Look at My New Block Design

Yep, I did it again.  Putting my own individual stamp on the Scatty Stars Quilt Blocks. 

Yes, these are supposed to be this month's pattern.  Don't look like yours? 

I made mine "differently" again.  I really like this pattern.  I won't keep them for the Scatty Stars quilt because I have enough fabric to do the blocks over following Sue's and Kathi's pattern, but I like the block pattern I made.  Maybe I'll incorporate them into the backing.

Look how far we are already.

I'm going visiting.  I'm not sure if I'm done sewing or if I will begin those stars, but for now, I'm breaking.  Need some tea.

1 comment:

QuiltSue said...

Love your new blocks. They'd make a great quilt. It'd be a great idea to use your inventions in the backing somehow.