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Monday, June 27, 2011


Last week I saw an I Spy quilt on the C&T Publishing blog and loved it.  Right after that I learned I would have the chance to give one to some little ones in my family so I made one.  It took almost three full days of shopping (waiting for 1/8 of a yard strips to be cut, and lots of them,) cutting, laying out and then finishing, but I got it done.  You will love the backing:

Isn't it cool?  I bought two panels and will use the other one for the other little ones in my family.  I love it.

This is the front.

The cuttings were different sizes, so I used fillers to make the blocks match.
This is the first quilt I tied.  That worked well, I used cotton embroidery floss, but it is hard on your fingers. 

I won a great book from Quiltmaker magazine.  It's Scraps & Shirttails II by Bonnie K. Hunter who writes a column about scrap quilting for the magazine.
Three fat quarters were included.  How nice is that?

And the book is autographed.

Now, what is interesting about this book is that Bonnie is a big advocate of recycling, so she wrote this book to show how she uses fabric from men's shirts in some of her quilts.  All of those plaids, checks and darker shades mixed with the neutrals make gorgeous quilts.  I love so many of her designs; I've got to tackle a project from this book soon.
Coincidence;  remember my basket blocks from a few months ago?  The blocks that are still on my to do list waiting for me to sew them into a quilt top?  That basket design is by Bonnie Hunter.  

Hope all is well with you. 
God Bless you.


Sonia said...

I like the quilt. :)

Congratulations on your winnings!

Have a great week and God bless and keep you,

Barb said...

You are doing some fun stuff over there.....all is well over here...

QuiltSue said...

What a great backing for a fun quilt for kids.

Congrats on your win too.

Hazel said...

I had to look up quilt-tying - I can see why it is hard on the fingers. I think that my cats would play havoc with the 'tails'!

The quilt looks fabulous - you have some really fun prints on the front too.

ANOTHER win! You either have a very lucky touch, or you spend the whole while on entering things! ;-)
I like the Bonnie Hunter stuff - very intricate quilt patterns. I think that she says that the smallest piece of useful fabric is 1", so nothing bigger than this is thrown out!