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Monday, June 13, 2011

Simple Things Fabric and Scrap Happy Sampler Block

Happy Flag Day!

Two clarifications from this weekend.  First, I didn't link to Quilt Times, Sue's blog, http://www.quilttimes.blogspot.com  during all of my posting Saturday.  I edited my first post to correct this.  My apologies to Sue.
Second, I am making Barbie doll clothes for one of the little ones in my family who asked me to make her new doll some clothing, especially a turquoise dress.  My old Barbie with her age spots is just happy to be able to model them.

This is what I chose for the Simple Things mini quilt.
  I did some of the cutting yesterday, but don't have the background fabric.

I'm having a problem with the 5" cutting die for my AccuQuilt GO!  Sometimes one side is slightly short, even when I am very careful about placement of the fabric.   Anyone know what causes that? 

I also made the Summer Winds block for Janet Wickell's Scrap Happy Sampler QAL.
I love how the corners look a little like the fish blocks.

I almost abandoned this quilt.  The different colors I've used are a real mish-mash.  But it's very possible that with the right background fabric and more color variety in future blocks, it will look neat.  I love all of the block designs.
What do you think?

Hoping all of you are well and happy.
God Bless You.


Hazel said...

Hmm - well, I'm not one to let lack of experience in all matters fabric get in the way of venturing an opinion, Joanne!

I love the blocks on the scrap happy sampler (I didn't see the fish in the corners of your latest block until you pointed them out, though!).

I don't see anyting wrong with the mix of colours, but if you think that the blocks make a mish-mash when together like this, and you want the blocks to stand out separately, maybe you could use sashing between them to bring them apart a little? Maybe in black for a striking look - or something neutral (a pale pink?) to tone it down a bit?

Hazel said...

PS Forgot to say - that rose is beautiful!

Barb said...

Your blocks look wonderful as well as your flowers!