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Friday, July 15, 2011

Progress Report

For somebody who said she didn't want to sew anymore, I've been happily busy at my sewing machine all week.

One finish:  my Cat Nap Quilt, nicknamed Lucky Cat Quilt (as suggested by Sue of Quilt Times)  because it escaped the iron scorching episode.  Quilting not perfect, but so what.  I'm feeling very bold about quilting today because I am reading a library book by Mary Ellen Hopkins, The It's Okay If You Sit On My Quilt Book.  Yep, no masterpieces here, but beautiful nevertheless.

SewCalGal is hosting Pets on Quilts next month, and I will have to see if this quilt will meet the requirements.  If so, I'll enter it.  Have to get Moxie on it for a picture.

My apologies to the designer of this cute cat design for not acknowledging before where I found it.  Here it is:  http://www.sewvac1.com/Library/catquilt.htm

Quilt top almost finished:  Simple Things.
I ran into a problem with the border not fitting, so I need to make some adjustments.  But it is such a sweet quilt top, I love it.

Work in progress:  I began to put together the crazy blocks.  So far, just sewed strips together, but I need to trim and do the sashing between columns.

I chuckle when I look at these blocks, but I do like them.  Yep, this is the flip side of my taste scale.  I like classic/traditional and then I like stuff like this.  Go figure.
God Bless.


Donna said...

Simple Things is Beautiful! My taste scale runs on the same track as yours. Happy quilting.

QuiltSue said...

Well all I can say is if this is what you achieve when you don't want to sew, however much would you get done when you did?

Stray Stitches said...

All of your work is beautiful! You certainly have accomplished a lot for someone who 'didn't want to sew anymore' - lol :)

Vicki ♥ said...

Your simple things quilt is looking really fab and will loook great finished :)

Hazel said...

You've done a lot here, Joanna! Lovely!

I love the modern look of the crazy blocks! I like the blend of colours in the fabrics of each block - a good balance, as otherwise this design could easily have 'shouted' at you, I think.

Hazel said...

PS forgot to say, I look forward to seeing a pic of Moxie on the lucky cat quilt - I bet the only time that she won't want to be square in the middle of the quilt is the time you want her there to photograph!