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Saturday, November 5, 2011

America The Beautiful, and Sampler Blocks

I have all of the borders on the America the Beautiful quilt. 

Now I'm putting it away until next year, or at least until I have time to quilt it carefully.

I made two blocks for two qal's I've been following.  Janet Wickell of about.com gave us the Churn Dash block for our Scrap Happy Quilt.  She wanted the eleventh block to be an easy one for us, and it is easy and is also one of my favorite classic blocks.

The second block in the Quilt in a Day Treasure Chest Quilt on facebook is the Honey Bee block.  Isn't that a sweet name for a block. 

I had a bunch of blogland issues that I was going to rant about, but have decided to keep them to myself.  Nobody likes a whiner.  But, I do wish the QIAD challenge wasn't a voting one.  I'm disappointed that it is but I'm going to continue with the qal because I love the block patterns and love that they are traditional blocks but ones I haven't made yet.  Eleanor Burns commented on facebook that every finish is a cause to celebrate, and I totally agree.  It's that feeling at the end of the project that is so satisfying, and keeps me going back for more.  Is that addiction or what? :)

SewCalGal's Christmas Quilt Show is coming up November 28th.  Have you got your entry ready? 

Have a wonderful weekend.  Extra hour of sleep or whatever tonight.
God Bless You. 


Lynn said...

Oh Joanna! Your America the Beautiful is all that....just beautiful! Great job.

Hazel said...

Wow - America the Beautiful is stunning, Joanna!! I can see different things in it each time I look. But I would have no idea about how to quilt it - no doubt you have something up your sleeve!

Here in the UK we had our extra hour last weekend - I'm sorry to say that I did nothing constructive with it, and was just glad of the extra sleep!

I like your current background - I bet the Autumn colours are lovely where you are. I've had to slow down sweeping the leaves up since I found a huge FROG nestled in the ditch where the leaves gather - I don't want to disturb him.

QuiltSue said...

America the Beautiful is just that - beautiful.

I'm sorry you're having problems with blogland and hope they can be sorted out soon.