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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Christmas Quilt Along - November - 1st

Sue of Quilt Times is hosting today's qal http://www.quilttimes.blogspot.com , and it's our last for this year.  That's why I wanted to work with Christmas fabrics and images.  I began yesterday so that I could get complete the futzing part and get on with the real work.  Will you be surprized if I told you it took me almost an hour just to pick out the fabric from stash? 

I have wanted to make a sleigh applique table runner for a while now, so a few weeks ago while looking for  designs for cross-stitching I spied an image I liked and copied it on paper.  Then yesterday I enlarged it, re-drew, and finally got it somewhat to what I wanted.

 I have the second sleigh to tweek a bit.
It's cute, isn't it?

I also had a panel and decided to use it for a table cover.  I sewed on the border, so all this needs is sandwich and quilting.  Unfortunately, I didn't choose the backing yet, so I may be MIA while that's done.
Those are my projects so far.  Time to get to work on them.


JayTee said...

love the projects, can't wait to see them completed.

Hazel said...

Oh - the sleighs are very cute!

I wouldn't have thought about using blue for the table cover, but it's a great choice - it goes really well with the panel.

Are you being indecisive today, or do you have such a huge stash of fabrics that it took you that long to get through it all? {{grin}}

QuiltSue said...

I love the sleighs. They're going to look great.

Reenie said...

I agree with everyone else! Love the projects! It ALWAYS takes me longer to pick out my fabrics than it should!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Grat projects, but love the santa in blue!

Jean said...

I am not surprised that it took an hour to pick out fabrics...I'd say "that fast?" lol