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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another Star Block

The Radiant Star block designed by Eleanor Burns and published in Quiltmaker's winter issue of 100 Blocks:

I made this block twice.  The first time, the last three seams did not line up, and the lateral lines of the stars were off.  I was going to give up because the damage appeared so big, but while dozing last night it came to me that I should take it apart and start from the beginning.  So I ripped every seam out, measured each piece to be sure I cut correctly and began again.  This time it went much better.  No fabric wasted, just thread.

I have sewn outfits that didn't give me as much trouble as quilting gives me, at times.

I order fabric online and on sale, and over the past year in different orders was able to get quite a few prints of this line which I'm using for the Radiant Star blocks.

This is much different than my usual pastels, flowers, or cute images, but I think making the stars in a mix of this fabric will be nice. 
I didn't use this mix but will do eventually.

I didn't practice FMQ today (can't rip out stitches and sew at the same time,) but SewCalGal gave us a link today to a blogger who I enjoyed reading.  You may already be familiar with Geta's blog, but if not it's worth visiting.  http://cadouri-din-inima.blogspot.com/2009/10/free-motion-quilting-tips.html 

I did learn another thing today.  Those short seam rippers are for the birds!  I'm getting an ergonomic seam ripper as a New Year's gift to myself. 

Have fun with your crafts.
God Bless You.


Barb said...

Your starts look great...and I too have spent more time on one block than I would on a dress...looks like you got it down!

QuiltSue said...

Looks to me like you've definitely got the hang of these stars now. They look great.

Soggibottom said...

You must also have the patience of a saint, you deserve a new ripper :-)
:-) x x x

Hazel said...

I don't know how I missed this post, Joanna!

I love the star blocks - and I feel your pain with the unpicker! I'm with Sue, I think you really have the knack of the blocks - it shows what care you have taken with them.