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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Storm at Sea Block

This is the fifth block for the Treasure Chest Quilt that I am making per Eleanor Burns and Quilt in a Day's facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/#!/quiltinaday

What I've learned is that blocks that may look difficult may just require more exacting attention.   I love working on this quilt because each block I've made so far is entirely new to me but is traditional, so I'm enjoying making them.

When I did a search for some history on the Storm at Sea block, I found that it is a very popular block that when used as the sole block in a quilt can create many different designs depending on how the block is put together and the choice of fabrics.  Two sites mention that the design is based on the  New Testament event when Jesus quiets the sea from the fishing boat, which is a nice testament to the faith of so many quilters of the past.     

Enjoy your crafting and Go Patriots!
God Bless You!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this block. You get better and better at your craft every day.


QuiltSue said...

Your block looks wonderful. I love the colours you are using.

Hazel said...

Those blocks are very neat, Joanna. I'm looking forward to seeing how they are all put together.

Shame that the Patriots lost - but it did sound like it was an exciting contest!

Barb said...

That Storm at Sea block was one of the hardest blocks I have ever done...it was the first block I did at a guild many years ago and that is where I learned to square your blocks...and use 1/4 inch seam, before that I knew nothing but just quilted any ole way...it was a great learning experience. Love the block.