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Friday, May 4, 2012

I Almost Didn't Make It

April came and went and I completely missed the seventh block in Eleanor Burns' Quilt in a Day  Treasure Chest Quilt.  I thought I was out of the game and posted on the  QIAD  facebook page boohooing about it, and two of their followers commented that I should still go ahead and make the block and enter it even if late.  So I did, and it was accepted.  I sewed in a fury on Tuesday, but it is an easy block to make, and for maybe the first time ever each piece matched up perfectly.  Sometimes Life is just plain good:)

The block is called Greek Cross.  I like that name. 
If you'd like to vote for my block, voting is open until May 10th.

So now I have a checklist.  I need to complete three things each month:  
Treasure Chest block
Festive Mystery qal
Free Motion Quilting Challenge
Another list; oh boy.

In my last post I shared the Quilt of Valor pictures I had taken at the MQX East. 
I could not settle on a quilt pattern for my quilt.  I was making a whole variety of stars in 12 inch blocks using patriotic fabric, but I it wasn't what I wanted for this quilt. Then about two weeks ago I received my Quilter's World June magazine and found the one I wanted to make.

So now I have another WIP and that is very satisfying.

Hope everyone is well and happy.
God Bless. 


Lesley said...

Your Greek Cross quilt is lovely...so glad you finished it! And a nice choice for your next one!

Barb said...

Love your block...