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Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Second Stage of Organizing

Happy New Year to everyone.   That is a picture of most of my UFO's.

I ended up with so many projects left undone because I keep finding new projects I like too much to pass up, but I am determined to finish these quilts in 2013.  I was thinking on starting a QAL for UFO's but changed my mind when I saw that there are a few popular blogs doing that already.  So I am just going to get going and share my progress.

America the Beautiful, Treasure Chest and Tumbler just need to be sandwiched, quilted, bound and they are done. 

Festive Mystery needs to be quilted and bound and the two sets of star blocks need to be set, sandwiched, etc.
 I'm continuing with the Benjamin Franklin QAL, although I am two blocks behind. 
The fabric in the front is for a quilt I am planning for my grand niece.  She asked for pastels, and this is Fairy Frost by Michael Miller.  I think I've got the pattern picked out.
 In 2011 (I think) I made these basket blocks and love them, but I never set them, etc. so that's going to happen this year. Just realized they are pastel.  Mmm.   And behind them are the crazy scrap blocks with the cupcakes in the them that also need to be set, etc.
Carole of Novalee 2 posted today pictures sent to her of the finished Christmas SAL she held, but mine was not included because, here it is, waiting to be finished.  Boo Hoo.
And this is what I work on almost every day. I am hand quilting and that isn't something I do quickly.  I think I have nine blocks left and then the sashing and border. 
That's it.  In addition, I hope to eat, sleep, work, take care of the house, shovel snow/cut the grass, get out and about so I don't go crazy, blog, and all the other stuff that we all have to do have a good life.  Oy!
God Bless You.


Lesley said...

I can see that you are going to have lots of fun this year! You have some wonderful projects on the go!

QuiltSue said...

You're going to be busy, but you're going to have some wonderful quilts as a result..