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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Trip Around the World in Progress

My grand-niece asked me to make her a quilt in pastels and for some time I've been watching for a design that would catch my eye.  The April/May issue of The Quilter Magazine http://www.thequiltermag.com/ has on its cover a Trip Around the World quilt that is a bit different because it is set on point.  Julie Lynch designed it and she named her version Sun-Kissed World.  So now that I had my design I just had to get the fabric layout to my liking.  In a traditional Trip Around the World quilt there is a center  block with organized rows of colors orbiting around it (albeit in a square formation.)  I chose my fabrics and cut them  into 4.5" squares.

Then last Sunday I auditioned them and moved things around a bit.  I made a four patch square for the center block using the solid pastel fabric, Fairy Frost by Michael Miller. 
I thought this would be the final layout.

Today I began putting it together on point.   Excuse my sloppy bed; it made a good design wall.
When I got to the edge I just didn't like the coral so I changed to green and stayed with that.
Here are my rows.  The squares are sewn together and the rows are pressed in alternating left/right directions waiting to be sewn together.  I hope to get to that tomorrow.  Then I have to think about the border or maybe try it without one. 
I had a wonderful day sewing today.  This project came together so easily. 
I did finish America the Beautiful and love it. 
Hope you are enjoying your weekend as well.
God Bless You.


Hazel said...

Oh boy - that's lovely, Joanna! And it looks like it went together with not much fuss.

I'm looking for simple and eye-catching ideas at the mo, as my Godmother said that her niece had seen the Festive Mystery quilt I gave to her and would like to commission me to make a quilt for her!

I'm very flattered - but it will have to be made much more quickly than I'm used to doing - hence looking for easy designs!

Glad to hear that America the Beautiful is done (& bound?) - I guess you are saving a special post of pictures to show it off!

Lesley said...

This is wonderful! Love your fabrics...so fresh and gentle!