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Saturday, June 8, 2013

This is the Bow Block.  The block design is from It's Okay If You Sit On My Quilt by Mary Ellen Hopkins. 

The Bow Block and the Bell Block are different sizes and I'm running out of the blue fabric so I'm going to have to play with them to see what I can do.  After reading Vroomans Quilts http://vroomansquilts.blogspot.com/ blog post this morning, I like Sharon's apron idea.  This Bow Block would make a cute bib portion on an apron.  I would just have to look for some blue fabric for the skirt section.  And I definitely would get use out of a cute apron.  That's one possibility anyway.  I want to use the Bell Block for a wall hanging I think.

After a day and night of heavy rain the sun is shining.  I'm going to run the vacuum and take a break.  Hope everyone is having a good sewing day.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Cute ribbon block. I had to run errands, snuck a little housework in, and did a little weeding of flower beds between raindrops.

QuiltSue said...

Woww, another great block.

We've had wall-to-wall sunshine here in the north of the UK today, so I haven't done much, but there's always tomorrow.

Hazel said...

Nice bow block, Jolly Jo - and yes, it would make a great apron bib. Have you a coordinating fabric for the skirt part?

I think it would have to be pretty dark too (well it would be for me so as not to show up the stuff I'd throw down it - I'm a messy cook!)