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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Christmas QAL August - Post 3

I finished the binding on my Coffee Cats Café quilt and it's ready for the Pets on Quilts show which begins tomorrow. http://www.lilypadquilting.blogspot.com/  I just have to lure Moxie onto it so I can get a cute picture of her and the quilt. 
I also took a break for some walking exercise.  A new bridge in my area also has a bicycle path so I walked across the bridge. 
That's the Taunton River.  And yes, there are power plants on each side of it. 
Grumpy George made an appearance at Hazel's.  Are we the only QAL with a mascot?  I think so.  Hazel, thanks for adding George to our group.  He makes me laugh out loud. 
I took some time to play with the Lantern Quilt blocks.  The link for that quilt show goes up on Monday but I won't be ready for it until later in the week.  And that's if Lifiss Interuptus doesn't occur.
Time for a tea break.


Hazel said...

That's an impressive bridge and waterway, Joanna - I had a look on the map, and I think you have a lot of water and islands around your area?

Do you think I should put Grumpy George up on the Mr Linky? teehee!

I'm sorry not to have done more with my fabrics today, but as George will tell you, it's a big day for veggies tomorrow...!

I'll be stitching afterwards, and will keep tabs on what everyone's up to inbetween times!

Susan Smith said...

Love your little fabric basket and didn't realise you lived on the coast, so will have to take a look at the atlas. I'll do a post when I've caught up with the others.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I had a few breaks thru the day too - now relaxing for the evening (paper work-yuck) But will be back tomorrow to play some more.

Lesley said...

Good for you for finishing your quilt! Will look forward to seeing it!

QuiltSue said...

I am really looking forward to seeing your Pets on Quilts entry all finished and lovely.

Maybe next year, if you do the Christmas QAL we should use Grumpy George (suitable dressed in his Santa attire of course) for our button?