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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Postcard from Australia

Isn't this one super postcard?  Fiona sent it to me from Australia as part of the postcard exchange that Sheila organized.  She made it special for me by embroidering my initial.  It is so sweet and cheerful.  Thank you so much, Fiona.  If you go here http://www.bubzrugz.blogspot.com/2013/11/lovely-surprises.html you will see the card I sent to Fiona.  She makes lovely things so look through her posts and enjoy the sights.

When I was making my Autumn Leaves wall hanging http://www.needlethreadhappiness.blogspot.com/2013/10/autumn-leaves-wall-hanging.html  I mentioned the Northcott Fabric Circle http://www.northcottfabriccircle.com and the contest they run.  Well, Autumn Leaves won the  for October.  It was a random number drawing so it was luck not talent, but I was happy to win.   I want to acknowledge Jennifer of Northcott for her superb customer service.  Northcott is a Canadian based company.  They make the Stonehenge batiks, which I used for my project and which were a dream to sew with.  Lovely fabric.  
This is what Jennifer sent me, some Stonehenge and some Artisian Spirit Shimmer.  

I don't have anything that I have made to share with you yet.  I finished the Modern Christmas Tree Quilt with a red binding, but I'm waiting for Christa to finish her qal before I show it.  I'll hang it up the day after Thanksgiving, which is tomorrow and is the official beginning of the Holiday season.  

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  
God Bless You.

Heat rises and so does Moxie:)


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Congratulations and I do love that Shimmer line - so pretty. My furries are staring out different windows - like that will help the snow go away.

Susan Smith said...

That postcard embroidery is lovely and fancy it coming all the way from Oz!! Is it cold there at the moment? Cats always know the best place to be in the winter. Take care.

QuiltSue said...

I love the postcard you received and the cardinal you sent in exchange was wonderful.

Congratulations on winning those great fabrics.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving day.

Sheila said...

Wonderful postcard from Fiona ! Congrats on winning those pretty fabrics , I am sure you will make something beautiful with them .

Barb said...

What a wonderful postcard....

Dolores said...

I take it that the Christmas Quilt-a-long will wrap up on the 14th and 15th since the first weekend was only one day long?

Soggibottom said...

Did I just read Stonehenge ?
:-) xxx

Connie said...

That post card is wonderful. I have never seen anything like it. Red-work is my very favorite embroidery. What a lovely Christmas keepsake. I'm delighted to have found your blog :) I love your Christmas tree quilt top. You are so inspiring.
Your newest blogging sister, Connie :)
P.S. I would be honored to have you as a mutual follower :)