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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Flowers and Blocks

This is a good year for beautiful irises, it seems to me.  Maybe they like brutal winters.
This is the second group of my mother's bearded irises that are blooming.  The first were a very translucent white that I think were another color that blanched over the years.  I saw some yellow blooming elsewhere that were gorgeous.  I'm hoping that the deep purple and beige ones bloom, but there are only a couple of them.  Anyway, they smell lovely and look lovely, so they bring their own brand of joy.  

I'm up to 21 completed blocks in my Scraps and Shirttails II quilt, Smith Mountain Morning.  Since I began this quilt I have found that I love working with patchwork blocks with lots of pieces.  I hope I find the time to make more quilts from Bonnie Hunter's book because they really are fun to make.  
I am linking up to Sharon's Let's Book It post.

I'm going to be crocheting some granny squares and such, just because I feel like getting my hands on my yarn again.  I keep filling my Pinterest boards with stuff I want to make.  What I really need is time and energy to do it all.
Enjoy your beautiful weekend.
God Bless!


Dolores said...

Sounds like you really have a handle on the quilt blocks. Those irises are stunning. I only have a couple in my yard.

Lesley said...

Your blocks are just so gorgeous! And so are those irises!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

You are doing well with your blocks and they look wonderful. Love seeing the iris - ours have yet to open.

QuiltSue said...

Your blocks are looking wonderful. I am not a fan of iris, but DH is, and just yesterday we bought some which he's now gleefully planted.

Susan Smith said...

Beautiful iris. I've a couple of iris in this new garden, so wonder what colour they are. Your star quilt is looking gorgeous. take care.

Sheila said...

I adore irises , hey smell divine . Your blocks are just gorgeous , great progress :-)