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Saturday, June 7, 2014

I've Been to a Quilt Show

Today I attended my second quilt show.   A guild put it on at a nearby university.  Part of the show were quilts from the 2013 Hoffman Challenge.  I found those very interesting.  
Although I took pictures of the names of the quilters, I am not posting them.  I'm not sure if I should or not, but for now I  won't.

I loved this quilt because I love the umbrella image. It's based on an Edyta Starr of Laundry Basket design.  The quilter noted that Edyta is her favorite designer. 

This quilt was eye catching because the quilter embellished each elephant differently.

Don't you love those tails:)

Double wedding ring variation.

This design is popular right now, and it looks super made up.
A Baltimore Album quilt.  The quilter took a course with Elly Sienkiewicz, then it took several years to finish.

Really cute.

Yes, I am a lover of animal images.  But I also love little kids, flowers and trees and other beautiful stuff.
 I love this cat quilt.
The 2013 Hoffman Challenge quilts.  They are making the rounds to various quilt shows.

This quilt had perfectly beautiful hand quilting.

I bought a grab bag of cotton fabric for $3 of mostly blues. And I purchased a pattern by a designer from the cape area.  I love the pattern but don't think she should charge more than even Eleanor Burns' does for her patterns.  Oh well.

Have I been quilting?  No.  I've been crocheting.
 I made a little pillow cover.  
Enjoy your weekend.
God Bless You.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Lovely pieces, thank you for sharing. I've always been tempted with the Hoffman Challenge, but was never fond of the fabric choice.

Lesley said...

Gorgeous quilts...thanks for sharing!

Dolores said...

Thanks for the show photos. I love the wedding ring variation and the challenge quilts are always nice to see. Seeing your lovely crocheting reminded me that I've been thinking of doing some rug hooking or needlepoint.

Susan Smith said...

Very nice quilts and isn't it lovely going to a quilt show. I went to a small local one yesterday too and will post about it later today. I love your crochet cushion and can't wait to see it finished. Must get Hubby's rug finished. Take care.

Sheila said...

Thanks for sharing the lovely quilts , I loved the blue in the Hoffman challenge , very vibrant . Cute little crocheted pillow top .