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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ben Franklin Mystery Quilt Gentleman's Fancy

Gentleman's Fancy  is Block 25 in this Eric Homemade ezine qal.  I'm not going to worry until we're up to block 50:-)  Here's my stack of block:
This is going to be a most beautiful quilt with all of its many different traditional blocks.  

I've also been working on an American Girl Doll dress for my grandniece who made her First Communion in May.  I couldn't find lace to match that on her dress; it is very unique.  So the style matches, with the two purple flowers at the waist that she added.

I need more fabric flowers for her headpiece, but it's essentially finished.  Only 7 months late.

God Bless You and have a wonderful weekend.


Lesley said...

Your block is wonderful and that little doll dress is stunning! Your grand niece is a lucky girl!

QuiltSue said...

The block looks amazing and so does the doll's dress.

Susan Smith said...

The blocks are gooing to look great, but how big is each one? 50 will make a very large quilt if they are 12" square. The doll dress is beautiful and make me realise that Judith hasn't had a new dress for a long time. Love seeing what you are up to. Take care.

Janet said...

What a stunning present for your grandniece! I love it.

Dolores said...

The dress is so adorable and I love the colours you used for the quilt block.

Sheila said...

Beautiful block and sweet little dress 😀