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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Knitter's Gifts Progress

I put Grand Illusion aside for a while so I could catch up on this quilt, From Head to Toe, A Knitter's Gifts by Denise Russart   I was very behind on this and finally have the blocks sewn together.  I think Denise will be giving us the directions for the border this weekend or next, so at least I'm ready. 

 The mitten pairs need to have an applique of the cording that holds them together, so I hope to get to that tomorrow. 
I think this design is a delight.  

Stay safe.  God Bless You.


Sheila said...

It really is a delightful design and you have done a wonderful job !

Susan Smith said...

Lovely Joanna and can't wait to see what the borders are. Take care.