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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Another UFO Hits the Dust

I finished this quilt top, Stash Buster by Linda of Linda's Quiltmania, in January 2014.  I began quilting it shortly after and accomplished quite a bit, then stopped.  When I quilt a sampler quilt, I like to quilt each block differently.  That makes it a slower process, so when my creativity dried up, I put it aside. 
Last week I resumed and got it finished.  
Some blocks look great with some heavy thread work, like these:
I like the way the prints are raised when the quilting is thick like this.

 And some blocks have a spare amount of quilting, like these:

On a few of the blocks I tried the long stitch hand quilting technique, using embroidery thread, and I enjoyed that, but this is a big quilt and holding it, even in the large hoop I use, was clumsy.
I was uncertain about doing something in the sashing, but decided to back away and let it be.  
The backing has almost as many pieces as one of the blocks:)

I have a few more tops that need quilting, and of course, there are new projects to begin, so I think I'll go and find something work on today.
Enjoy your week ahead.
God Bless You.


sunny said...

It's beautiful! I'm trying to learn some new quilting techniques, and deciding on a design for each quilt/block/element is the hardest part for me. Thanks for some great ideas!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I think you did a lovely job. Sometimes a quilt has to sit as we grow in our skills. And I just love pieced backs for samplers - just adds to the element of the whole quilt.