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Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Cottage Year With a Different Look

 I put together the blocks for the A Cottage Year quilt.  I used a soft aqua blue and brown as the common colors and have only two rows of the border fabric.  I am using a layer cake for the borders and just don't have enough to make a third row, and that's fine.  I have to come up with a fabric to use for the sashing, and I think that will be challenging.  

I uploaded Windows 10 and have lost the photo editing features I was used to, so these are the best pics I can get right now until I figure out the new process.  

Enjoy your quilting time.
God Bless.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

It looks lovely set this way. I hear a lot of complaints about Windows 10. I am still on version 7 and no way am I updating.

Lesley said...

Oh, my, the blocks look wonderful! Great job!

Susan Smith said...

That's lovely and hope you come up with some fabric for your sashings. I'm scared to load Windows 10 as I have a mini computer with Windows 8 and loathe it. I'm used to 7 on my big computer and this laptop has Vista, which is so out of date, but it has a larger screen for my poor old eyes and has my Quilt Wizard program on it. Look forward to seeing the finished quilt. Take care.

Freya Rose Blossom said...

Freya Rose Blossom calling in to have another look at your amazing stuffs :-) Lots and lots of Luvs
Freya Rose Blossom X

QuiltSue said...

That's lovely. The colour combination is just great.

Cathy Daniel said...

Those colours are wonderful together - you must be so pleased with it! I know I would be! xCathy