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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Back to Quilting

The Big Clean Out is still going on but is being turned over to the professionals.  They will be here this week to work in the cellar and attic areas and haul away stuff that nobody else seems to want but takes up lots of room.  But I am quilting.  I have a new sewing machine, one with a larger harp area, that I bought to make the quilting easier.  I can say I've broken it in because I have broken one needle and ripped out all of the stitching I did on this quilt last week.  It's going better today.  My little Kenmore is still my sweetheart, but this new machine, a Brother, hopefully will win my heart, too.  
I have a question.  The new machine comes with an extension table that I thought I would love, but I find that it has alot of drag, even after cleaning it.  I am thinking of getting a Slider.  If you have one can you tell me if it makes a difference for you?  

Have a wonderful weekend.
Keeping Paris in our prayers,
God Bless You.


Dolores said...

Good luck with the cleaning out. Since I have no idea what a slider is, I can't help you. I look forward to seeing a better pic of what you're working on.

Susan Smith said...

Glad you've given over some of the clearing out to someone else and getting on with other things. Is your machine set down so that the extension table is level with your own table. Do you know what I mean? I'll see if I've time to do a quick blog post at some time today and show what I mean with my machine. It's an older Bernina these days (yes I've had it I realise now for 21 years) and one of the kid's old desks which hubby cut the top out of. Anyway I'll take a pic and you take care.

Lesley said...

Hope ypu wll soon love your new machine! I use a small slider when I do FMQ and it does seem to help, but I don't use anything when dong walking foot quilting.

Sheila said...

Good luck with the clean out and it is great you have others coming to,help with that job . Congrats on the new machine , I am sure in time you will love it . I don't own a slider but have thought it might help .