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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quilting, Cats, St. Francis and Odd.

Yesterday and today I listened to Brother Odd by Dean Koontz. I loved it, even though I do not go in for horror stories. I did a search for Catholic mystery writers and on Catholic Answers Forum one of the participants suggested Koontz. I will definitely get the other Odd books, and sample some of his others as well.

I am working on learning to quilt. I have mentioned the Mrs. Moen Mystery SAL I am doing, and today I joined the Postage Stamp Quilt Along by Handmade by Heidi. What a coincidence that I too received my LLBean Home Catalog this week, saw the postage stamp quilt they have, and wished I could get it. Now I will be making one, if I can follow along to the end. Heidi states it is an easy quilt to make, perfect for beginners, and a good way to use up a fabric stash.

Puffy had me concerned today. She disappeared this afternoon, and when I found her she was laying under a cabinet. I knew something was wrong, but not what it was so I just watched her. She stayed like that for several hours, then got up finally. She seems okay now, but it's finger crossing time. I prefer her like this:
Puff is 13 years old. A year and a half ago she almost died due to a food allergy I didn't know she had. Neither one of us wants to go through that again. I adopted her on the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, so today I prayed to him for her, and he came through. Thank you, St. Francis.

God Bless.

P.S. You need to see today's comic on Knocking on Heaven's Door. It is precious.

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