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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I wanted to begin working on something for Christmas, and so this is what I got to start myself off. The panel is Tidings by Nancy Halvorsen for Benartex. I'm hoping inspiration will hit soon on just how to use it to best advantage. I love it.

The other item is a charm pack of Adoring by Sandy Gervais for Moda. I don't know what I'm going to do with that either, but I think the wreath quilt I saw on the Moda blog is a good candidate.

I joined Benartex Preview Club. It sounds like a good deal, and it will be something different from Joann's offerings.

I'm still working on the pinwheel quilt. I have some of the quilting done and the binding is all set to be sewn on. But I think the backing needs color (note to self: don't use white as a backing, at least not for a long time.) So I have been making hearts to applique to the back. I will handsew them on. I wish I could remember on whose blog I learned this tip, but I can't. But the tip was to sew a dryer sheet to the right side of the applique piece, cut a small hole in the dryer sheet for turning, press well after turning, and you're all set to sew it on. I'm not sure how many I will make, but this is what I've done so far.

The binding will add some color. I think if I make enough hearts I can do a kind of tumbling heart effect on the back. We'll see. (I fixed this. I originally typed stars, but meant hearts.)

I watch the DIYdish episodes and enter their giveaways. And yesterday it paid off. I received an email telling me I won some crochet patterns. I can't wait to see them.

God Bless You.


Pat said...

Love how you are "rescuing" that white backing fabric! Good idea to start with a panel, too.......I've seen some beautiful quilts done that way.

Beverly @ FlamingoToes.com said...

Oh you won some patterns! That's so exciting. :) Can't wait to see what you get. And your fabrics are all very sweet. That Christmas panel is just darling.