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Sunday, June 13, 2010


Yesterday and today I've been crocheting for things to enter into the CAL at Crochet Soiree.I began with this hotpad:
I am making another to enter because the scallops should be beneath each other, not spiralling. I like the spiral effect, and I love the hot pad. It is double thickness, soft and pretty. The next one I make will follow the pattern exactly, but maybe in blue, or I'll reverse the red and white. Today I made this tea cozy: The other patterns are trim for dishcloths and doily coasters. I'll try all of the patterns and enter those that look the best. I need to practise the art of picture taking of these items. When I view posts by Bakerella and the like, the photography is amazing. I am not aiming for that caliber because I suspect there is a professional level of the art involved, but I would like to do better. So I am going to find out how.

I want to find a quilt shop or group in my area. Yesterday I did a search, and discovered two quilt shops that are relatively close that I didn't know existed. So tomorrow will be Adventure Monday. I am going to visit the closest one first and see what they offer. The other option I might have is if the community college or nearby university offer a summer course on quilting. If not, it's just me and the bloggers I follow.

God Bless You. And have a happy week.

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Pat said...

I really like the spiral effect on that hotpad a lot. Good luck with your search on Adventure Monday!!! :)